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Interview with Pavel Tretyakov

Tretyakov, Pavel
Lambert, Anne
Date of Interview: 
Stories and Storytellers
Pavel Tretyanov recalls a favorite childhood story that his mother read to him to make him eat.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Anne Lambert interviewed Charlotte residents to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
AL (Anne Lambert): Um. Who's the best storyteller in your family?
PT (Pavel Tretyakov): Probably my mother.
AL: Your mother? Can you remember any of the stories she told you?
PT: She usually read me some book, books, our folklore, stories like that and other things like (). I cannot be sure. Old stories was one, probably was first step in understanding wide world.
AL: Very good. That's very perceptive. Um, how did you mother tell you these stories? Where were you when she read?
PT: Usually we were sitting, at the table. I eat some food. My mother read stories was one way get me to eat because when I was young, I don't want to eat and when I hear stories I forgot about it and I just eat and eat and eat. I just eat.
AL: You forgot about everything when she was telling you a story. Did you ever ask her to tell another story or did you have a favorite that you wanted to hear over and over again?
PT: Yes, it's about Captain Blood.
AL: Uh-huh.
PT: It's a long story. It's about, I forgot who write that--
AL: Is it about a pirate?
PT: Yes, it's about a pirate. It's about seventeenth century, about Caribbean Sea. It's about Spanish about, Indian, about, pirates.
AL: What happened to Captain Blood and his men?
PT: He found part of his heart, and, there is young man, lady, lady--
AL: Ah! So it was a romantic story, too.
PT: Yes.
AL: Lots of adventures?
PT: Yes.
AL: Were there many fights in this story?
PT: Yes.
AL: How did they fight?
PT: Like usually, fight, with two warships, I don't know if it's international word or not, importage.
AL: I don't know.
PT: When two ships come together and both teams try take each ship. Yes. Like this.
AL: Sword fighting?
PT: Yes. Sword fight.
AL: Did she read to you?
PT: Yes, she read to me. And when I was adult, I read it again--
AL: Very good. Very good.
PT: Several times.
AL: Sounds terrific! Do you read it in English?
PT: No. In Russian.
AL: Very good. OK, thank you very much.
PT: You're welcome.