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Conversation with Terry Dennis and Jean Raley

Raley, Jean
Dennis, Terry
Blanton, Krystal
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places
Jean Raley and Terry Dennis talk about relationships and animals.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Krystal Blanton interviewed Charlotte, NC residents to collect various stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
TD (Terry Dennis): Oh wonderful.
KB (Krystal Blanton): [Laugh] Well that was great for me because I do need to take this to my counselor.
TD: Yeah.
KB: I, I've been trying to work on things quietly. 'Cause last time I went you know why should I have to change? I feel like I'm the one always adapting to everybody else. Why should I have to do it? And I've always, I've always changed my own personality but I've done it for myself. And now I'm wanting to do it for myself just to make it easier and so I wouldn't have to worry. You know.
TD: Hmm.
JR (Jean Raley): But then you get that martyr thing too you know. You get points for changing.
TD: Do you?
KB: [Laugh] Well see like, like Diana's got the butch card. I should martyr points // right? //
TD: // [Laugh] // I love it.
KB: [Laugh]
JR: Well it's fucked up. You shouldn't but that's what we think when we do that.
KB: [Laugh] Well I mean I have never changed really. I mean I've, I've compromised. Which brings on a whole another issue with the meaning of the word. But in my-.
JR: We had that span.
KB: Uh-huh. In my, in my, in my definition I've compromised.
KB: But through my own self will so therefore it was my choice. Now I kind a feel like I'm being driven to change not compromise in order to make things easier which easier which in and of itself is again for myself because that would make it easier for who? Me. So is that selfish to change myself to make it easier to be with someone else? Yeah. It's still the same thing. But I don't want to become detached and void again like I was.
TD: Yeah.
KB: And that's the only thing, thing I really I know is either you explode it all or you're void. And there's got to be a compromise and I thought and I thought I pretty much had been living it but it's not working. And I can't work it out with her because I've tried talk to her about it and she hasn't done any compromising, she hasn't changed at all.
TD: She hasn't? You're sure.
KB: No I mean as far as our relationship yeah we've developed a lot. But in the last year it's been a stalemate. Pretty much and that's how it's been. It's been like a // stalemate. //
TD: // You guys // been together how long now?
KB: Four years.
JR: Have you thought about couple's therapy?
TD: \\ Yeah . \\
KB: \\ Yeah. \\ Yeah. And I've talked to her about it and she said her company wouldn't pay for it because we're gay. Uh.
JR: Because what?
TD: Because they're gay.
KB: I'm not a I'm not a spouse.
JR: // So OK so here's what you do. //
KB: // She goes to the counselor // then I get to come.
JR: Here's yeah I've got somebody's name. So we'll do that for you. [Cough] Who did it for [cough] me and Shannon. OK. Dawn Maybeck.
KB: Female?
JR: Yes. She's awesome.
TD: D-A-W-N.
JR: Yeah.
KB: \\ Right, that's why I was asking for clarification. \\
JR: \\ Yeah, yeah, yeah. \\
KB: We'll have to see if she's on our insurance program.
JR: We were already destroyed by the time we got to her. But she's awesome.
KB: See I don't think.
TD: Is she gay?
JR: Hungry? Yes.
TD: I'm starved.
KB: Oh yeah. ( )
TD: Oh good paper plates. Smart. Smart. Smart. Smart. Smart, smart.
JR: You know what happened to me? Um, the woman at the bank where I have my car loan were talking one day.
TD: Oh great. Wow.
JR: It's a it's a huge car thing.
JR: So obviously I don't need it anymore. ( )
KB: Is it cold now? ( )
JR: I'm going to have one now cause I'm having a little bit of a dip but then I'm going to heat the rest of it.
TD: That'll work. Without a doubt.
KB: Want me to put this on the table or put it over-.
JR: Thought we could eat in there.
KB: OK groovy.
JR: How much do we need?
KB: Um.
JR: Cause I just finished my piece right here. [Laugh] [Laughter]
KB: Um. However much you might eat.
JR: How much do want here? These are mine.
TD: Um, two or three. ( )
KB: Oh, drink?
TD: Tea?
JR: Wonderful tea in the fridge. I'll get it for you.
KB: OK cool.
JR: Babe you want a beer?
TD: Yeah I'll take hmm. St Paulie Girl?
JR: Yeah. No Killians. You have one Paulie Girl left. It's the only girl you can cheat on me with.
TD: Pardon?
JR: It's the only woman you can cheat on me with.
TD: Oh.
JR: Saint Paulie girl [laugh].
TD: Yeah. Yep.
JR: You like ice? I didn't think about it.
TD: She be cold.
JR: Oh yeah it's freezing.
TD: There's a little ebonics there for you Krystal.
KB: What?
JR: She be, she be cold. [Laugh] Careful now. What kind a class is this?
TD: [Laugh]
KB: Ling, ling uh ling, ling uh a, a linguistics.
JR: That's a hard word to pronounce.
KB: Linguistics.
TD: Hmm.
KB: Well it's actually language and society so we talked about ebonics.
TD: Oh. Yeah? Ah. Ah. We need to get you some coasters woman.
JR: Uh-huh I know.
KB: Actually that was supposed to be our house warming present.
JR: Wait, wait, wait.
KB: But you have to pick out a style so it's kind a hard.
TD: Yeah what you like?
JR: Anything my friends get me is.
KB: Is your style? [Laugh]
TD: There you go.
JR: Is my style. Is my style man. Because it's going to make me think a you every time I see it.
TD: There you go.
JR: And you see you see how I decorate.
KB: Uh-huh.
JR: I like dark wood I like animals I like light woods I like.
KB: Well we were going to get you.
JR: I like what I can afford.
TD: They make cute kitty cat ones.
JR: Well there you go.
KB: I want to get the stone wear. Like what we have.
TD: Uh-huh.
KB: Because it's so good. We had to plastic ones and-.
TD: Sand stones just last.
KB: Yeah.
JR: Oh yeah but doesn't it just get heavier and heavier as life goes on?
KB: Huh-uh.
JR: Where does damn water go?
TD: It evaporates back.
JR: Oh all right.
KB: It's absorbed naturally. I mean you can't keep something on it all the time because then it would never evaporate.
TD: Right.
KB: Hmm.
JR: There in my theory of it getting heavier and heavier.
TD: Right.
JR: I'm going to.
TD: Unlike this grease filter. When I moved into my, my condo the woman that was before me was a real pig.
KB: [Laugh]
JR: You know what baby I don't think you can move into a place where anybody who was there before you wasn't a real pig.
KB: [Laugh]
TD: No trust me I don't say that about a whole lot a people. But this woman was horrible. But anyway-.
JR: How do you know it was a woman?
TD: Because I, I bought the condo and when I went-.
JR: Oh right not the apartment you're in now. OK. Alright.
TD: No my apartment was, was quite clean as a matter of fact. But anyway-.
KB: But did you pull out the fridge and look and the stove?
TD: Uh-huh.
KB: You did?
TD: Oh yeah.
JR: Of course she did.
KB: And it was clean?
TD: That was the first thing I did here was clean behind her. Anyway. Um I was doing I was cleaning the-.
JR: Trust me if someone hadn't done that these floors would look the same because I could give a shit. [Laugh]
TD: Laugh. The range hood you know had one of those ductless, uh, filter things.
KB: Um.
TD: So I thought well I need to change that. So I popped down the, the little thing and to take out there is like a carbon filter that goes inside those duct little things.
KB: Yeah. Ours has fallen off before on accident.
TD: Well I, I picked it up and it was heavy. And I'm thinking, "Man this is a substantial thing," you know. So I run to Home Depot. And I'm looking around for the size that I need and I've got this thing in my bag. And um.
KB: Meow.
TD: And I ask one of the guys and he says "Oh yeah there right here." And he picks up this lightweight box. I mean it was like lighter than an envelope. [Laugh]
KB: Like a feather?
TD: Yeah. And, and, and I said, "Oh no this is heavy" and he says "Ma'am that's full a grease." [Laugh]
KB: No. [Laugh]
JR: Oh. [Laugh]
TD: That's full a grease. It was so heavy.
KB: I've never cleaned one out in my life so everyone I've probably been in has probably been so ( ).
JR: Honey did you clean out my oven?
TD: No I did not. You still have-.
JR: Come here.
KB: Somebody else's crap?
TD: Uh, well there is a lot of, um, oven cleaner in there. Yes.
JR: It's been, uh.
KB: I don't smell it.
TD: I did not do that, no.
JR: It's like somebody who did a lot a fish fries.
TD: [Laugh]
JR: I'm just going to take my pizza out and eat it lukewarm. I ain't gonna have no, no ( ).
KB: Need a you need a toaster oven. They're easier to clean.
TD: I use mine all the time.
JR: Find me the counter space darling?
TD: You can mount it up on a-.
JR: Wipe that shit right up.
KB: Mount it baby mount it. [Laugh]
JR: We'll just leave that one alone. Darling come get your hot pizza.
TD: I will.
KB: You want me to get it?
TD: No, no. I'll get it. Course I've Victor on my knee here.
JR: No let's just make life easy. I'm going get dinner ready. Sit back down.
TD: All right.
KB: So pretty.
TD: He's taken to me all a sudden.
KB: It's the food.
JR: No just recently he's really been.
KB: All about Terry.
TD: Is that right?
KB: He trips me out.
JR: What. Aw come on.
KB: Maybe it's your fluctuation of, of pheromones.
TD: Pheromones. Yeah.
JR: Napkins?
TD: I got one.
KB: I'm using my JR's.
TD: [Laugh]
JR: Krystal these two are for me.
KB: It's not dirty like nasty thick pizza is.
TD: Huh.
KB: So it's not really nasty.
TD: Little Caesar's makes a pretty decent pizza.
JR: I hadn't had Little Caesar's since high school 'cause we used to live right by one. Yeah, yeah. ( ) She can have crust but that's all.
TD: I like crust high pitch at I as if we said dog could have her crust.
KB: I like this crust. I don't like pan pizza crust.
JR: I'll give up my crust for you Uno. I usually let her lick the plate but these are going have some grease on them.
KB: It actually doesn't seem that greasy. Mmm.
TD: Till she starts chewing it. [Laugh]
JR: I tell you. She will eat something just 'cause I gave it to her. I watched her lick a plate of ketchup. And she would lick an she'd go.
KB: Oh my brother my brother gave my parent's dog, she now dead dog, a jalepino.
TD: \\ That's mean.\\
JR: \\ That's mean.\\
KB: I know.
JR: He'll get his. He'll come back as a dog. And ( ).
KB: No, he's got a wife.
JR: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
TD: Who is a dog, no.
KB: Well she's put him through obedience school.
JR: You like a mushroom?
KB: Uh.
JR: She ate it but that's just 'cause she'll eat anything I hand her.
KB: Not from me no, no, no.
JR: Still going out? He's been pretty much under the bed for a couple a days.
TD: [Laugh] Did it fall out when he was there?
JR: I don't know but let me tell you Diane was in here doing her homework I was at the computer and I hear this big thing and I figured the wind just knocked off the fan. But then there was another big boom. I don't know what happened wind knocked over fan then another big gust of wind came and popped out one of my side windows.
TD: Wow.
JR: And my real skittish cat Shelby which is fat as can be but I think if it was scared he could make it over that ottoman. [Laugh] He does this. Remember the wonder twins? Form of water. He can he can do that. Form of platypus. Right [laugh] under the door. OK. It's so funny. When he's trying to get me to not kick em he goes he does this platypus skitter on the floor and its so much funnier on hard wood you hear this plop. It's like the duck foot platypus. Aren't those the ones can skim across top of water?
KB: Mm. I think so.
JR: That's it. Anyway we won't be seeing him for a couple days.
TD: Poor baby.
JR: Poor guy. [Laugh]
KB: I saw some beautiful cats at Petsmart.
TD: What?
JR: Squirt, she hasn't done that much since she had that surgery, a fat cat that rolled over on her back showing her belly.
KB: Ah it's hard to roll back over isn't it?
JR: She's so fat she has to get up against the wall to lick her back. She could be in there I just didn't feel like going after her. I got some I want you to look at. I'm thinking about getting business cards that I've, I've they got, got the template up. I want you to see what you think of what I got.
TD: It's free.
JR: Go see the business card.
TD: It's some them for Dee to look into if she does go.
KB: I already got paper and-.
JR: And you already got it all together?
KB: Yeah.
JR: \\ Cool. \\
TD: \\ Cool. \\
JR: I'll have to pay shipping so it may end up paying shipping for 20 bucks. You know there's were they get you.
TD: Yep could be the hook.
JR: Which is fine because the reason I got into this is cause Dee the office manager at work is getting ready to get a, a business card done. I said you know what Doc, um, Doctor Beck I'd be willing to kick in some money if they'd make me a business card. So I could have some business cards made out.
TD: No, no.
JR: I've got a cat go touch the mouse and see what's on the screen tell me what you think. You know judgement but be nice. Just touch the mouse to get the, uh, screen saver off. ( )
KB: It's good. I definitely like it.
JR: Doesn't come out and play when I come over.
KB: She doesn't know you enough.
JR: Yeah.
TD: She's coming out with me now.
KB: She's a little bit shy.
JR: I'm the one responsible for jerking her and, and.
KB: Yeah, and well we've all done things to hurt her so its not like you know we've kicked her across the room, not on purpose of course.
JR: Well no of course not. [Laugh] ( )
KB: I think I'll have one more piece. But I wouldn't think that can cats really you think remember that far back?
JR: Yeah the smells.
KB: Oh.
JR: I don't think we give animals enough credit at all.
KB: What.
JR: I don't think we give enough I don't think we give animals enough credit at all for, for anything.
KB: Well that's because we try to compare them to human form which, which can't be done.
JR: There's a word for that authormor-, authormorfo-, something. I got an A on by the way but now I can't so fuck it. [Laugh]
KB: Well, I mean I give them credit to I'm just not sure how long their memory lasts of what. Because you're right I uh I would guess that smell is their strongest memory because its their identification its also their protectant. So it would make sense that they would remember things that they fear by smell. So yeah. You know use some different soap. [Laugh] I'll spray you with perfume one day.
JR: I'm talking about the smell of the animal hospital.
KB: The animal hospital? You still smell like that even if use other stuff?
JR: No I'm talking about the smell of blood, the smell of the other animals. The entire environment of the animal hospital.
KB: Yeah but how can she hold that against you when you come over?
JR: No see I was thinking about when you bring her to the animal hospital next time.
KB: Oh no, no.
JR: But my pheromones, my scent she may always-.
KB: Remember you.
JR: But she may not.
KB: I could cover you with patchouli. That covers anything.
JR: Yeah another lesbian coming over. [Laugh]
KB: "Meow, meow."
JR: When she was a kitten, a friend of mine-. [Laugh]
KB: Boo boo's.
JR: We were always amazed that she actually knew her name. We figured cats don't know their fucking name they could care less. She knows her name.
TD: They know the tone of your voice.
JR: Squirt. Hi baby.
KB: Another exploratory kitty. When I call her Booboo she'll come to me more than when I just say, "Wally." ( )
JR: Shoot can you not just eat this instead of dragging it on the floor for me to make sure you get to eat it? God. That's not spoiled. [Laugh] I'm holding the plate for her so she can get all the crumbs. [Laugh] This the dogs that's on a diet. Not on a diet, just portioned.
TD: A diet to me.
JR: I would just rather not her rush it through shit like that. You know I'm funny that way.
TD: That's a really wild looking blue cupcake.
JR: I want some of that marble cake.
TD: They make a dog gone good cake.
JR: They do.
KB: Who does?
TD: Harris Teeter.
JR: Harris Teeter.
TD: The day we moved in here I picked one up.
JR: Oh yeah.
TD: Man I thought everybody was going to they ate half the dog gone thing.
JR: Which do you prefer? I'll serve?
KB: Have you tried the cupcakes?
TD: They're white.
JR: They're chocolate with a shit load of icing and don't eat them at the computer [laugh]. Live and learn.
TD: [Laugh] Did we dribble?
JR: No we went face down in the keyboard
TD: Ooh.
JR: That it always falls icing down.
TD: Uh-huh.
JR: It's one of those thing. What do you prefer dear?
TD: Chocolate. I'd rather have marble.
JR: Marble yeah these are chocolate with a cup of icing on them. It's like PMS is what that is I mean they were six cupcakes for really cheap. I don't know how much.
TD: Well.
JR: Like a buck 50. Two dollars and, and the lady in front a me had them and I an I set my stuff down. I said, "Wait" and I got a great big thing a 12 for the Davis kids an then I got some for me.
KB: I'm not one for icing much.
JR: There's a lot a icing. I usually eat the icing first.
TD: I love icing.
JR: That's probably brought on this she had a headache. I was doing OK I got up feeling like I was going to get up then that chocolate sent me over the edge.
KB: Excuse me.
TD: Eat any of that chocolate from your Easter basket?
JR: What love?
TD: Eat any of that chocolate from your Easter basket?
JR: I can't. Trying to avoid it especially that dark stuff. But the darker the chocolate the harder, ah, the harder it hits me.
TD: Hmm. Victor left me.
JR: I see that.
TD: Abandoned me for another lap.
JR: I guess he's just testing laps doing laps. [Laugh]
TD: There you go.
JR: Hey man. I won him in the divorce.
TD: Huh?
JR: I never told you that story?
TD: You won him? \\ In the divorce? \\ Is he the one that Shannon you were doing a, a joint um, um.
JR: Oh my god what a joke. Let me tell me you the whole story.
TD: Eww a story. [Laugh]
JR: That's about right. [Laugh] When we first got him we would play with him with this cool cat toy.
TD: Mm.
JR: And he would always get out a breath. And I was just out of school so I was like, "Oh my god what's wrong with him?" So we had him, we had him x-rayed found nothing on the x-rays. Had him ultrasound. Huh the doctor found a septal defect in one of his heart valves.
TD: Wow.
JR: So the rest of his life he was going to be on meds.
TD: Oh really?
JR: Which means he's got a shorten life span. Like a hole in one of his heart valves.
KB: I just didn't want to knock off her over.
JR: Meds everyday shorten life span eventually he was going to have his heart fill up with fluid. He's going to die. Excuse me. I love you but you are not getting any of this cake. Um. So long story short when we broke up she, they really bonded. They were really close. She wanted to take him with her but she had no place to live 'cause I got the apartment. [Laugh] You You're pretty much the devil on my shoulder on that one referring to me.
TD: Oh yeah?
JR: So she, she gave him up. She wasn't getting that fucking apartment. Are you kidding? I put her through college. Uh, I. Uh no.
TD: OK. I wasn't saying anything.
JR: I know you weren't challenging me but I'm just about to hop on my on my anger wagon and I need not do that because-.
TD: Oh.
JR: Anyway I drawn out I got Victor in the divorce because she didn't think she could afford the medication.
TD: Hmm.
JR: Now he has no defect. It was congenital. He was born with it. The hole grew in. He is healthy as a horse.
TD: I'll be damned.
KB: Are horses really that healthy?
JR: I don't know I don't do large animals [laugh]. Trying to make a joke but-.
TD: Depends on what you call a large animal.
KB: Rrrr. [Laugh]
JR: I was thinking of great dane's dear. [Laugh]
KB: We can all say it. [Laugh]
JR: Big pussy. Wait rewind. [Laugh]
KB: He's, he's a homosexual as well.
JR: Yeah so he really wants to hear about big pussies. OK.
KB: So I have to transcribe the whole thing ( ). [Laugh] That, uh, they'll do it in school cause I think they're writing some report for this. But I can, I'll probably just edit out.
JR: Anyway story time. [Laugh] So I got this really cool awesome cat because she couldn't take responsibility which is fine cause she didn't deserve it anyway. She could a found a way to give her medicine she could a found a way to make it happen. So she, she was so used to people taking care of her she didn't bide the idea of taking care of something else beside her ( )old cat. She was living in my house I didn't mind her cat, her cat was always ( ) contingent.
TD: Like how?
JR: 'Cause she was the "Queen Cat". Give the cats a chance to mix so they'd get used to each other.
TD: ( )
JR: I, I allowed this to happen. OK I was a partner in this. OK I'm not blaming. [Laugh] ( ) But anyway [laugh] um, yeah I've tried the therapy thing about how you know it takes two to make a perfect relationship [laugh]. I'm really not trying to say that but the story is.
KB: But right now it is. [Laugh]
JR: The Christmas after we broke up she called me going, "I really miss Victor and I want to see if we can set up some kind of a-" and I said, you know the first thing I wanted to say was, "No," just to be a bitch.
KB: Yeah.
TD: Details. [Laugh]
JR: ( ) You guy. [Laugh] Anyway, um, so we agreed to do this visitation thing she would have him one week out a every month. Yes I know it's stupid but you know he, he always we took him in the car all the time we took him to go visit, um, her Nanny all the time in South Carolina and he did fine in the car we thought it would work out just fine. Well the very last time he visited them he pissed all over [laugh] her carpet. [Laugh] And she just happens to be in her girlfriend's apartment. [Laugh] And she never called back. [Laugh]
TD: So she's still being taken care of?
JR: Oh yeah. Um, she's got a job, um, I don't think I don't know she's got a job. That's all I know she doesn't talk to me. This is not one of these loving relationships that we're gonna be best friends for the rest of our lives. The way she deals with people that displease her in her life is that she strikes them out of her life. Course she needs them like the time her puppy had an reaction to vaccine ( ) told her to stay home and call back in a hour in which case the puppy would have died. The veterinarian technician ( ).
KB: What is ( )?
TD: I don't know.
JR: That's an audition smaller chorus within the chorus. He was an idiot ( ) home late. So when she wants something or needs something she has no problem calling. Because it was an animal I couldn't just hang up on her you know that's just ( )it wasn't about Jen it was about the health of her pet. [Cough] And I'm not going to let spite and anger do something like that.
KB: A wiener dog?
JR: A wiener dog. [Laugh] So anyway that was the story of Victor. I got Victor in the divorce. Great cat actually he came into our adoption program at work. And he spent absolutely 12 hours there. 'Cause Shan and Todd were like, "Aww." They bought her from day one.
TD: Hmm.
JR: Are we stopping this thing? Oh last week when I was cleaning out the snakes cage and feeding it ( ) Victor sitting in the aquarium. [Laugh] And I wish I had my camera cause the minute I turned around to get it he hopped out. [Laugh] This cat probably sees spots more than anything 'cause I'm always grabbing the camera.
KB: [Cough] I wanted so bad to get a cat from you know the adoption place but they didn't have the slots you know they weren't so muddy. Different types of kitties.
JR: Why does that why does matter?
KB: Well she has like the she it just.
JR: ( )
KB: She, she she'd got the tiger stripes and then you know the grey.
JR: Orange. Not important
KB: Not orange. No orange in her.
TD: Uh-huh.
JR: Not necessarily color but she's got some she's got some she's got some ( ) Calico and then she's got some Tabby and then she's got some this.
KB: Yeah a mutt cat.
JR: Yeah and she's definitely a hybrid cat. And you know what's funny about her is that every litter mate she ever had was either a Tabby or a this or a that and she was just like whatever was left over in the gene pool. [Laugh] And she was and she was a little uh runt too.
KB: I think Wally was probably the runt don't you think?
JR: How old is she?
KB: Nine months old and she's still-.
JR: I would imagine.
KB: Compared to average cat's that I see she's small still.
JR: This cat this kitten.
TD: The little gray?
JR: You know.
TD: You said it was like seven years old.
JR: Oh no we found the spade tattoo on it today called spade and neuter clinic you know how old the spade is? 1991.
TD: Wow that's an old.
JR: This cat is at least 10 years old.
TD: Damn.
JR: Tell me my names not mud pulling a 10 year old, at least 10 year old cat, into the adoption program.
TD: Well.
JR: We're never going to get rid of this fucking thing now.
TD: Was some old lady that just wants a calm cat.
JR: It's a calm cat?
TD: Yeah pretty much very used to taking care of itself.
JR: But it hasn't had a name and address this lady that live on Abbey Place I'll call the number I got cause she's not listed anymore. That, that lady named Cathy Mueller. She lives on Abbey Place. I've got the name and number in my pocket but there's no Cathy Mueller listed in the phone book or at ( ) anymore. My idea since she likes living outside and I know this sounds awful and it's the last thing that I would do is to go find um a colony yeah or a farm and just release her. We're cleaning her teeth she's got a clean bill of health we pulled blood on her she's completely healthy she's a 10 year old cat-.
KB: Is she spayed?
JR: And we think she's completely healthy.
KB: Or neutered or whatever.
JR: Spayed.
KB: It's all neutered to me.
JR: It doesn't matter.
KB: You know cause they're no longer.
TD: Can't have babies.
KB: Right.
TD: Wow amazing.
KB: ( )
JR: ( )
TD: No everybody here has been taking care of here though you know no?
JR: Yeah, oh yeah. I guess so but I just you know from what I've been taught which you know what you been taught verses what's really out there can be very different just like book one verses you know, uh, experience.
TD: ( )
JR: Um good point um, um in the lifetime um life, life span of an outside cat is two to five years.
TD: Well look at the feral cats that that Von and Gene take care of up there in Asheville my god they've got like 15 of them that come through their backyard every day. Meanwhile.
JR: Well.
TD: All things look good.
JR: Well they're out in the country we're ( ) for feral cats in the metro area of Charlotte.
KB: Cars ehhhh.
JR: Yeah well cars high population disease raccoons..
KB: What, what about the feline.
JR: What are you talking about?
TD: Vaccinations.
JR: ( )
JR: Yeah we ( ).
TD: Yeah you don't want a you don't want a kitty that's if you had other cats that could got right.
JR: Yeah why not?
TD: Really?
JR: I actually know of some people who have now off and on the maintain, uh, maintain around 30 plus cats. And they have.
TD: Oh my god.
JR: They have feline leukemia comes.