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Monologue by Justine Panfen

Panfen, Justine
Combs, Meredith
Date of Interview: 
Stories and storytellers
Justine Panfen retells her version of Cinderella.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Meredith Combs interviewed Charlotte, NC residents to collect various stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
JP (Justine Panfen): I want to retell a story from my childhood that was probably one of my favorites that my parents would read me at nighttime and I loved. There was a girl named Cinderella and she lived happily with her father and her mother in a big castle. ( ) Cinderella was very happy until one day unfortunately her mother became ill and passed away. This made Cinderella very sad. Her father found another wife several years later and remarried her. The, the new wife did have two, three daughters of her own. It was either two or three I can't remember. But she had several daughters of her own and never truly accepted Cinderella. So Cinderella was put to work by this woman. Her father, unfortunately, passed away also leaving her to live the rest of her life as the maid to her stepmother and evil stepsisters. All day long the stepsisters would dress up and go to parties and get to do fun things, but poor Cinderella had to clean the castle and mop the floors, and she really had to do all the work and was a maid by her new found family. Luckily Cinderella did have her only friends in the castle which were the mice and the animals that lived there. And they were the only people that she loved and could trust and talk to. One day, someone came to the door, they were announcing that the prince was going to be having a big ball and that all the single women in the town would be invited. Well, the stepmother was ecstatic. She would love for one of her evil stepdaughters to marry this prince and become rich and live in that kind of life. She had no intention of telling Cinderella about the ball. But Cinderella did hear, or overhear, that this ball was going to occur, and she wanted to go so badly. So she begged her stepmother. She said, "Please, can I go to the ball too. I, you know, I am a single woman too, and I would love to go." Her stepmother said, "Sure you could go, as long as you ( ) help your sisters get all their dresses together and get everything clean before the night of the ball." And needless to say, the stepsisters kept her so busy that she was never able to finish. Once she was finished with getting their dresses ready and getting them ready for the ball, there was no time left to prepare her own dress. Or actually, that's wrong, she did in her spare time make herself a beautiful dress, which the stepsisters then destroyed. So she had nothing to wear and was unable to go to the ball. As she watched the stepsisters leave for the ball that night, she cried and was very sad. As she was crying, suddenly appeared her fairy godmother. Cinderella couldn't believe her eyes that this woman had appeared before her. The fairy godmother told her, "Nonsense child, we'll make, we can make you go to the ball." So, in magical ways, the fairy godmother turned a little ( ) pumpkin into a carriage, turned the old torn and worn dress into a beautiful gown, and turned the mice who were Cinderella's friends into horses for the carriage, and the coachmen to ride the carriage. Cinderella couldn't believe it, she felt so lucky. The step-, the fairy godmother told her, "Cinderella, the only thing that you have to do is be home by the strike of midnight or else everything will turn back and you will, everyone will know and see you as you are except not in your beautiful dress." So Cinderella promised she would be back by midnight. She was so excited. She got into the carriage and off she went to the ball. It was like nothing she'd ever seen. For everyone was dancing and having food and ( ) around when suddenly the prince appeared. Everyone, every woman wanted to dance with the prince, but he seemed to only set eyes on Cinderella. And she only on him. To, together they danced the entire night. Cinderella saw the stepsisters there, but they didn't know her or recognize her because they-, she was so beautiful. So the prince and Cinderella danced together all night long. And unfortunately Cinderella lost track of time. And suddenly, the prince and her were dancing, and she started to hear the stroke of midnight. As soon as she heard the bell strike the first time she started to run out the door without a word to the prince. She ran down the stairs, out the castle, and away. At the twelfth strike of midnight she was not quite home yet, but she did turn back to her old dress, and the mice, the horses turned back to mice, and the carriage back to a pumpkin. The only thing Cinderella left the prince was a glass slipper which had fallen off while she was running away. He knew not her name, where she was from, or how to contact her at all. The next day, um, Cinderella was back to her cleaning, and the stepsisters were talking about what a wonderful time they had had at ball-, at the ball, not aware that Cinderella was there also. Well the prince was mortified. He wanted to find this woman with whom he had danced and whom he wanted to make his wife. And the only thing he had was this-, her glass slipper which she had left behind. So he had his men go out and to every town in the neighborhood or every house in the neighborhood and have each woman ( ) each woman try on the glass slipper to find the perfect fit so they'd know who was to be his wife. Well they went all over town, and no one fit this glass slipper. It was too delicate and small. Finally they arrived at the house of Cinderella and her evil stepsisters. Now each of the evil stepsisters was determined that she would fit the shoe so she could be his wife. Needless to say, both of the stepsisters had huge feet and did not fit into this glass slipper. The man was about to leave, the man who was putting on the shoe, he was, who worked for the prince when all of a sudden he saw Cinderella sweeping up in the kitchen. He said, "Well, what about her?" And the stepmother said, "Oh, that's not her shoe. She wasn't even at the ball." He said, "But I have strict orders for each woman in town to try on the shoe and that must occur." Well, then Cinderella tried on the shoe. It fit her perfectly, and at last the man had found the woman who was to be the prince's wife. Then Cinderella was taken away by the prince and never had to live with her stepmother or her evil stepsisters again. And she was able to live the life she deserved and be happy. The end.