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Interview with Mildred McCachren

McCachren, Mildred
McCachren, Michael
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Relationships with people and places
Mildren McCachren talks about her family, a time she jumped off the barn, and her husband.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Michael McCachren interviewed Charlotte, NC residents to collect various stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
MM (Mildred McCachren): OK. This-. You want me to start? Mildred Stafford McCachren. I was born in Harrisburg in 1916. Grew up here and went to school and finished high school here in 1933. When I was 13 years old we had a trolly wire that went from the top of the barn down to the corner post. I jumped on it, I was having a girl spending the night with me that night and I was really showing off but I jumped off the thing and swung my feet up on the wire. The wire broke. Well, that's the last I remember about that. They had to get a doctor out from Concord to treat me but everything well and I didn't have anything bad wrong with me.
MI (Michael McCachren): So was that the last time ( )?
MM: That was the last time I [laugh] been on a trolly wire, yes. [Laugh]
MI: How about ( )?
MM: My husband is Yates McCachren. He was born and raised in Harrisburg also. ( ) From one corner and we lived on another ( ) were together. We married in 1934. I had three children, had four children. The first one died when she was ten months old. Had four others. Rebecca and Yates Junior and Gary. They're all married and have children.
MI: Um, any, any fond memories of Gary or Teddy or Becky, any fun stories?
MM: Well, I ( ).
MI: Most of these things that my dad did?
MM: [Laugh] Well, I couldn't, I'll think of it after you leave. I can't think of it right now. Let's see. Ted, my husband, is nicknamed Ted, he died in 1992. He was 84 years old. He had gone to Sunday school and church all his life and he played the piano for years and years. He had a perfect attendance in Sunday school for 47 years. We'd gone to Sunday school all the way from Virginia to California. At different times, any time we'd want a trip, you'd go to Sunday school. ( ) Time. He was a very religious man. Our children all like to visit. We had them there at the house quite often. Our children and grandchildren, we loved every one of them. I couldn't think if I was to do over, I couldn't think of a thing to make it any better than we had all those years. We felt blessed all the time that we were together and had good children and they all turned out good. We're proud of them. [Pause] We used to go camping in the summer quite often. First we just had a tent then we got a pop-up camper and we used that and we nearly always went to the mountains in the fall. We'd go in the, on the 16th through the 18th of October to see the pretty leaves. [Laugh] We looked forward to that every year. We haven't been this year so far but we're going tomorrow. Going up to the mountains tomorrow. And, uh, I think the leaves are, is pretty this year as I've ever seen them round here and I'm sure they are in the mountains. I just wish all our children could go with us. We have our youngest son lives in Burlington.
MI: Yeah.
MM: And, uh. He works for GE. The other son lives in Harrisburg and he works for ( ). And, um, Rebecca, the young, the daughter is retired now. But we look forward to our trips to the mountains every year. I doubt any of the grandchildren going with us this time I don't think. I wish they could.
MI: This is just a quick run down of the people who are on this CD.