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Interview with Samir Lopez

Lopez, Samir
Male Voice
Kichefski, Helen
Date of Interview: 
Stories and storytellers
Samir Lopez talks about a girl and the devil story, and falling off a truck.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Helen Kechefski interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
HK (Helen Kichefski): OK, go ahead.
SL (Samir Lopez): Yeah.
HK: And your name is?
SL: Samir Lopez and, um, [pause], and, um, I'm going to tell a story about my life when I was younger, or more younger, right. And it was me and my family, we was going to the fair and, um, I was in the back of a truck.
HK: In Mexico?
SL: In Mexico in Que ano era? I think it was 199-, [pause], five or six, I can't remember. And it, I was sitting beside the truck, en la Como se llama?
MV (Male Voice): Back.
SL: In the back of the truck and then, I was looking at my cousin and my cousin pushed me and I fell, and whenever I fell, um, [pause] I, I couldn't remember nothing because I hit my head into the road and I was lay down and hear, hear, hear a car that almost hit me and I scared more, more, and then that car stop and looking at me and they take me to the hospital and then they, [pause] my family and my uncles and s-, everybody, um, tell me where, where I am and then my, my cousin tell, said that, [pause] that he pushed me because he was, he was playing or something, then I went, I went in the hospital and Como se dice?
MV: ( )
SL: Un-.
HK: Did your family know that you had fallen off the truck?
SL: No. Whenever they get to the, no whenever they get to the fair they say, "Where's Samir? Where's Lopez, Samir?" Because whenever I was in the hospital she told me everything that, that happened, and, um, I was so scared whenever I fell, I thought they never found me.
HK: How old were you?
SL: I was Cuanto era? I was, [pause], it was in 1995, or 1996, about eight years ago, and I still remember some about that and I was so scared. And that's it.
HK: OK. How about any stories that maybe your uncle, your grandpa, or someone told you?
SL: Oh, my sister Carmen, she told me a scary story that a girl, she go to the dance and parties and all of that, and then she don't want to get, um, older, like grandma, or grandpa, like that, and she told me that, um, about a week ago, she told me that a scary story, that a girl, she was 18 or 19 years old and she don't want to get old, and she look, she make a contract with the devil and, and she told the devil that she, she don't want to get old and she want to be younger, um, forever and then she tell that, and the devil say, "Yes, right." And then [pause] she, the devil draw her in a piece of paper and then about 50 years later, she, she put the paper in, kind of like, in the top of the house where all the-.
HK: The attic?
SL: Yeah, in the attic, and then she go see, um, how she looks 50 years later and she was so old, the skin was fallen down stuff, and then she grab a knife, she grab a knife and she start cutting the paper, and whenever she cut the paper, she was dead, because like, the paper was her. And she grab a knife and cutting the paper and stuff and when the family go and see her, she was dead. Cutting with the knife, and all the body was cut and blood and stuff.
HK: Oh.
SL: That was nasty.
HK: That's a scary Halloween story.
SL: Um-hum.
HK: Can you think of any other stories, maybe you told when you were all together with your family, and somebody sat around and told stories?
SL: Yeah, about Christmas, in Christmas. I was a little, about five years old, five years and then my mom told me the-, I, I believe in, um, in Santa Claus and whenever my sister, my brother tell me Santa Claus, "Santa Claus is not live." And then I start crying, I like, "No, I can't believe, I can't believe that Santa Claus it ain't live." And I said, "So, who bring the presents then?" And my brother say, "Our family, or mom or dad." And then I like, "No." And then I go to my room in Mexico, and then I go to my room and start crying and when and, um, my mom go to, to, with me and she tell me that Santa Claus lives and then she just trying to com-, uh, to tell me the um, to tell me the, uh Como se llama? Uh.
HK: The story.
SL: The story about Santa Claus and stuff.
HK: OK. What story did she tell you?
SL: That he was live, he, he bring um, to the whole world. He bring only presents, presents to the, to the um, kids who, who Como se dice que se portan bien?
MV: ( )
SL: Who get good kids, bring presents to good kids, not for bad kids. And my mom told me, "Santa Claus will never come and get you some, some presents," because I was bad, I was a bad kid. And that is, that is the only thing I remember from her, from my mom.
SL: That's it.
HK: Anything else?
SL: Uh, uhm.