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Interview with Heather Lineberry

Lineberry, Heather
Lineberry, Kim
Date of Interview: 
relationships with people and places; childhood adventures
Heather Lineberry talks about playing with her sister as a child.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Kim Lineberry interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
KL (Kim Lineberry): This is Kim Lineberry, interviewing my sister, Heather Lineberry, it is the 27th of April. Ok, so you said you were going to start off talking about when you where younger.
HL (Heather Lineberry): Yeah, talk about what we use to do when we were little.
KL: Like what.
HL: [Silently laughing]
KL: All right well, uh, why don't you start off talking about when it was snowing around our house. Would you stop laughing? This is my project, I have to get this done. You sound like a dog in heat. Start laughing, I mean stop laughing.
HL: Rewind it.
KL: No, I want to play this, all right just, listen, just go.
HL: All right, OK, I'll just talk about when it snowed when, um, at our house, it didn't snow that much but, um, we used to go out and play in the snow, like most people did when they were kids playing in the snow, but, um, we did unusual stuff, I guess, because we used to go out in our back yard and we had a big tire, and it's not a tractor tire but, it's a tire. And uh, we used to blow it up and go sliding the hill we had in our back yard, and I think we used to run into trees, or I know we ran into a big pile of leaves that our neighbor kept at the bottom of the hill. And we are, our, our friends that lived up the road brought their four-wheeler down one time and, uh, I was really little, and I got, I didn't want to go 'cause I got scared, but Kim went and they tied the tire to the back of the four-wheeler and rode, riding on our road. Um, also Kim and I used to go out, we used to go, we went across the road to the woods over across from our street and, um, we played in the, we went back in the woods and played in the snow and, you know, being adventurous, going out into the nature like we usually do and w-, our mom didn't know where we were and she got scared and was crying when we came back. But, uh, what else do we use to do?
KL: How old were we?
HL: Uh, probably around eight or ten or something like that, somewhere around there.
KL: What did the land look like around the house?
HL: We had a bunch of acres of land, three acres of land, and then, we had plenty of yard to play in, our front and back yard. Um, there wasn't very many snow storms because it didn't snow much but me and Kim used to like go out into the woods and play. Up the road from our house, you could walk up a big h-, the big hill, go back into the woods and there was a big pond back there. And, um, me and Kim used to walk up there and there was bamboo trees back there we used to swing from them, or, you know, I don't know if we really swung from them but we used to play in them and act like we were Tarzan. And, um, I know we went fishing in that pond, once or twice, I don't know and what else did we used to do? I remember one time when, we went, we were, took our bikes out on the road and I fell down the big hill, when I was little or it was you? Oh, well it was one of us. Fell down the hill and got scraped up. I thought I did. I remember falling down it to, but we probably both did many of times. Um, Kim probably pushed me but, um, what else?
KL: What else did you do in the back yard for fun, down the big hill?
HL: Well, we went rolling in barrels, well we use to do that on the big hill in our back yard but we used to do it on the little hills too, but we had like, uh, barrels that had horse feed and cow feed in them.
KL: I would like to make a correction, it was barrels that dad got from this plant that had chemicals in it and he cleaned them out very much and then gave em to use because they were plastic barrels.
HL: Well anyway, whatever kind of barrels they were, they were big enough for us to crawl in and we use to push each other down the hill in em, and that is diffidently when we ran into some trees and stuff, that was fun, we use to get really dizzy when we get out. Um we also had a go-cart that didn't have any brakes on it, that we use to ride around in the yard, um, we use to go down, there was a slight hill a slanted in the was in the back yard and our sewage, or not our sewage, but ok, the septic tank use to drain out at the bottom of the hill and we use to go flying through there and get, mud all over us, it's kind of gross to think about it but.
KL: Um, what about when we were going up as far as the barn, what did we use the barn for?
HL: Uh, yeah we had a two, I guess you, I guess a two-story barn, it wasn't really that nice but it had, one side had hay up in it and the other side had wood, but the side that had hay wasn't full so we use to um go up there, and we made it kind of our playhouse up there and our neighbors uh grandkids use to come over and there about our same age and they would come over and play in it and we all had our, we all wrote our names on the inside of the board as far as the members and like we could still see the names when we, after we grew and stuff. Um, speaking of that we use to uh, under our basketball goal we use to um, measure of height with a marker and write how old we were and write our name under it like each year or something and what else. Another story I remember is when Kim and I use to go stay with our grandmaw which we call maw-maw, um we use to stay with her and spend the night with her and um, she use to uh, fix us everything we wanted and our grandparents live on a farm, so we, since they lived on a farm, we um, use to help paw-paw out, um, I know we went out in the, helped him feed the animals and stuff cause he has pigs and chickens and cows and we use to uh, he use to dig up tators with the, potatoes with the tractor and we use to uh, after you dig them up you go into the ground and pick them up and put them in baskets, well Kim and me and paw-paw and ma, our mom use to go out there and do it and there was some that were big and regular size, you know, that you put in the thing and then, a lot time you had the little, baby potatoes that um, we use to play around and throw them at each other and throw them at paw-paw, and Kim use to get made at me for throwing it at her or you know.
KL: So are you finished?
HL: I guess.