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Conversation with Nathan Jarnagin

Jarnagin, Nathan
Smith, Alan
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Relationships with people and places
Nathan Jarnagin talks about preparing for graduation, his father, and some of his favorite things.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Alan Smith interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
NJ (Nathan Jarnagin): OK, my name, is it on fast? Is that the way it's suppose to be? OK, my name's Nathan, and I'm Alan's roommate, and he's working on a project I guess for English, and I've been asked to come in and just run my mouth for about 15 minutes and talk about whatever's on my mind and he just told me [pause] just to start talking and that it didn't have to be anything specific, and, well we had an interruption a few minutes ago, and someone called, so he took the phone call and I went and talked to Josh and my roommate Josh was mad about something with the football game, that I think he was, [laugh], getting cheated out of something so, I didn't want hear it, so I'm glad we started this recording back up again and hopefully I won't have to play him again in this football game 'cause I haven't won yet.
AS (Alan Smith): [Laughs]
NJ: And other things on my mind, I still have to write a paper tonight. So, I shouldn't have been playing football anyway. But that's OK because it's not due till Wednesday. And other things on my mind is graduation and packing things up and moving on out of here, and finishing up, this is my third year in this building, living in Martin Village and it's been a good three years, but it's gone by fast. Also, on my mind is take, uh, I quit my job at Lens Crafters so I could work during the summer with the chemistry lab and hopefully it'll be a lot better, um, not having to work Saturdays, I can pick my hours. Also, this summer I plan on just relaxing for a week or two, maybe going camping. I know, uh, this week I'm gonna see, going to go see the new Spiderman movie. Something I've been looking forward to seeing and I think me and Josh might go see that if he's in town. Hopefully, it won't be too busy when we go, 'cause I know it's, uh, one of the new movies out, and I know how busy these movies can get when they're real, really hyped up. Think we also want to see Stars Wars which is in two weeks. That's something that I've been looking forward to that I've seen the other three or actually the other four now. Think there's some other good movies coming out. Think there's a movie by Steven Spielberg. I think I want to see that one. Other things on my mind I guess, we watched a little bit of basketball today and it was the Minnesota Timberwolves versus the Dallas Mavericks. We watched some of it and it was a good game, what, the part that I did see. I guess the other sports right now are baseball perhaps, which, uh, we try to avoid 'cause I think it's rather boring. Also, um, there's hockey, but hockey's not too big down here. I don't think a lot of people around here play it. And other than that, stuff, there wasn't too much stuff on my mind because I've been doing schoolwork, and I know this is the last week and a half, so this is really important to study hard and I guess I can worry about the fun things when I'm done. Thinking about my roommate Russ who ended, he ends up, he's not going to be able to graduate till this summer. And I think he's just gonna take it easy, and his sister is gonna get married in another three weeks here, and which we're really excited for her and I know, a big deal to her and we're gonna all have a little bachelor party the night or two before, which I'm looking forward to. Also I think the wedding will, will be fun and the reception, see all my friends. That will be pretty nice, um, looking forward to the summer to see my cousin, Andy, who, we're pretty good friends, and we haven't been able to spend a lot of time together because I'm at school and he's at home. Also this summer I wouldn't mind going to the beach, would be nice. I know we will probably go to the beach with my family at the end of August, we'll spend a day or two staying with my aunt and uncle. We get a place and just have a good time, relax, and play board games, and take walks on the beach, stuff like that, an it's kind of un-eventful time but it's just good to relax and see the family. And I think it was nice today; I got to go eat lunch with my dad. So, I drove to Matthews and it was he, his birthday last week, and he was kind of disappointed, he's trying to get his flying license renewed and he wasn't able to fly today or get his practice in because of the weather and later on today we noticed the tornado warning on TV. So perhaps it was best that he took the day off and just had a relaxing day instead of getting his practice in. Also, what's going on? I know my dad got a 3-D card for the computer because he didn't know how to fix the one he's got, so he got a new one [laugh]. That's true, and I know he got a new CD ROM, because he didn't know how to fix the one he's got, but I didn't mind 'cause they were new and they were better, yeah, so I didn't give him a hard time. So, but still, he needs to learn how to use what's he's got instead of having to find, find something that works or spending money. So that was kind of funny, but like I said, I kept my mouth shut. Umm, also, my mom is getting back tomorrow from New York. She went with family, uh, see, see family up there so she had a long drive in the car, and hopefully they'll be driving back tomorrow. Actually they had three inches of snow this past week, so, and that's up in New York and [pause], hopefully they're not too worn out from driving. And other things on my mind, well, not too much. I just wish that, uh, I had more time to study for my exams, 'cause I know that they're all bunched up and it'd be nice to have a few more breaks in between and play a little more video games in between my studies but that's OK, and then, it's good to be busy. And I'm thinking about how everybody else is having to study and work hard and hopefully enjoy it as best as possible. And, also I think about my cousin, I think he actually went camping this weekend. Which I didn't go and I bet they're back by now and I'm sure they had a good time. [Sigh] Hmmm [long pause]. Well, other things on my mind I guess that's what watched on TV today. We watched a movie. We were, uh, watched Executive Decision. I thought it was real stupid. It was kind of cheesy, and Josh liked it, and I was like, "This is stupid," so I decided not to watch the rest of that and get some more work done. Figure other stuff I need to do, I need to finish up that homework I was talking about. I also need to get the laundry done which has been overdue for a couple of days, but I guess ah have a few socks left, so I guess I can hold off for another day or two. Also, I could think about go ahead and packing up and moving my stuff on back home, because if I wait till the last minute [pause], I guess [pause], I'll have to pack it all in one day and perhaps I can borrow a friend's truck and make the move easier, hopefully I can throw away a lot of stuff and, hopefully it won't be too bad, but we'll see [long pause]. Other things to talk about I guess that's been on my mind [pause]. Well, I just hope it's go ahead and clear up and be nice the rest of the school year if, in terms of the weather. I hope it's nice and warm but not too warm, lots of breeze. Also, hope I can keep from getting sick for the next two weeks, it's really important. So, I've been taking my vitamins, drinking lots of water, washing my hands a lot. So I know that my, a couple of my friends have been sick, and that's not good, especially at this time of the year [pause]. There's not too much other things on my mind, but still I want to keep talking and make sure Alan gets his tape full. I know he's probably thinking about what I'm saying and, five more minutes? What kind of accents I have and thinking about why he's writing all this stuff down and my guess would be he's analyzing perhaps, not so much what I say but how I say it, maybe with more of a country accent. I wouldn't say I have a country accent but if I went to another part of the United States, people might say I would, even though Charlotte is a big town it's [pause], known to be, I guess, a Southern town, and maybe not as hip or as current as a lot of these bigger cities. Maybe some that's, in some ways that's nice. I know Charlotte, I like this city, I like the fact that, uh, actually I hope, hope it doesn't get too big 'cause I know when it gets too big, you know, people try to, uh, grow too fast, and a lot of the results are not good. People just think bigger is better. I know there was a big dispute about the coliseum lately that they wanted a coliseum downtown and they, we wanted to be a grownup city or a world class city; we needed a coliseum downtown but, I guess that some people felt that our tax dollars were better spent somewhere else instead of perhaps paying for wealthy business people to have a stadium. Perhaps it'd be best just to, uh, keep taxes low and let people do what they wish with the, their money. Although it would be nice to have a stadium and I'm sure if we did have one downtown, it would bring in some type of more re-, revenue and, I'm sure it would bring business and more notoriety to this town so, as with everything, uh, I'm sure there's two sides to this story so, I guess either ways it goes it, can have its good and bad points. And then there are other things about this city I, I like. I like the fact, well, I'm not sure too much what I like about this city. I guess it's more in terms of what I don't like. And what I don't like about this city, I know the traffic's bad. But that's about it, I'm sure. I don't really have any complaints. And then the weather is nice. I guess I've never lived anywhere else, that's why I don't know what would be better or worse. Perhaps if I spent some time away from here I could have a good opinion. But I imagine one day I might end up around here, maybe a little further out in the country, but I don't want to worry about that too much right now. And I just hope I don't get a sore throat from talking for [laughs]. Just kidding, I don't mind at all. Yeah, I don't mind talking, I just feel kind of odd being the only one saying stuff, it'd be different if I had someone to-.