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Monologue by Jennifer Grant

Grant, Jennifer
Smith, Alan
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Stories and storytellers
Jennifer Grant retells the three short stories of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Little Pigs, and Joseph and Potipher's Wife.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
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Alan Smith interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
JG (Jennifer Grant): Hi, I'm a student at UNC Charlotte. Basically grew up in Charlotte, but the thing I like the most is working with kids, and I would like to tell you a couple of those stories that I enjoy reading to my kids. The first one would be Goldilocks and the Three Bears [laughs]. I'll give you the brief version, because it is a very long book. First, there was this little girl and she was walking along the pathway, down through the woods and she saw a cabin and she thought this to herself, "Oh, there's a cabin in the woods. I wonder what's in it." Obviously, a little girl would wonder what was in the cabin. Just as I did in my childhood, I had plenty of woods in the back of my house. So, her and I both would go in the cabin, so, we both went in the cabin. And in her cabin she came across all different kinds of things. She saw some food on the table, and you would think [laughs] Goldilocks would [laughs] I don't know if Goldilocks was from another country, but she sure [laughs] or another asp-, [laughs] or another ethnic group, but Goldilocks was [laughs] but Goldilocks was hungry. So Goldilocks had some of everybody's food. Goldilocks was a greedy little girl [laughs]. And then after that I'm sure she drank some of their juice, too, or milk, whatever they happen to have. Goldilocks, you know, she said, "OK, what else is new?" So she went on and, walked upstairs, and when she got up to the top of the stairs, there were three chairs. And I do believe that those chairs were to keep somebody or maybe even a dog, no, it must of been a little girl they were trying, or a little boy possibly, trying to keep them, preventing them from walking downstairs, possibly at night just for their own safety, but these days, you know, they have little gates for small age children to prevent injuries. But Goldilocks got to the top of the stairs and she walked around the chairs and she sat in the first one. It was, uh, too big for her, so, she sat in the next one. And that, like so, was too big for her. Just like trying on mom and daddy's shoes. And then there was one that was just right, but when she sat in it, it broke. And Goldilocks managed to keep from falling down the stairs. But Goldilocks got back up and she kept exploring. She went into one room and she saw one big old bed, looked like a king size bed to her. She said, "Hmm." She wasn't very attracted to that room. And then she went to another bedroom. The bed looked like a queen size bed. And she went and she laid in it, because she likes the idea of being a queen, and everything, but it still wasn't her size. It had this make-up and stuff that she didn't know how to put on. So, she went into the next room, and it had a bed that looked right about her size. So, she got a book, looked at the pictures, laid in the bed, and fell asleep. And, I don't know how long it was, 'cause time goes by when you're having fun, so Goldilocks was sleeping. But before she knew it somebody said, "Look, there's a little girl and she's sleeping in my bed." And Goldilocks was scared out of her wits. Her heart beat was, whoa, sounded like thunder. And she popped up out that bed, like a, like, she, [laughs] she shot out of there like a bat [laughs], yeah, like a bat. And they didn't even know what it was. The little bears, they didn't know what was in there, 'cause she, she was gone so fast they didn't even get a chance to talk to her. They didn't know if she was a alien from outer space or just one of those humans, you know, one of those humans. But after she shot out of the, the bedroom, she decided not to go into anymore houses again, especially, when she was by herself and without her mother [pause]. OK, the other story that I really like, aside from the Berenstein Bears stories, aside from of the Three Little Pigs. Actually, it is the Three Little Pigs [laughs]. You know, with the [laughs], the wolf [laughs], that always likes to huff and puff, you know. Reminds you of people, doesn't it, parents? [Laughs] They huff [laughs]. And they puff [laugh], and they threaten to blow your door down or kick you out the house, you know, but [laugh] it's the same, you know [laughs]. You lose, you lose your habitation [laugh] OK? The place that you stay. But anyways, there were three little bears, like me and my three sisters. One of them had a wooden house. Yeah, and I'm sure there was a wolf that came up to the house, like a sales person, you know, knock, knock, knock, "Hi, would you like some?" "Um, no, thank you, I have enough Girl Scout cookies." And some of the little kids, they didn't know any better, they said, "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow you house down." [Laugh] OK, it also reminds you of the little trick-or-treaters. But anyways, it was a wolf, it wasn't a sales person. It was just a wolf, and he said, "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down." And I'm sure that little pig said, [laughs], that the little pig said, "No." [Laughs] The little pig said, "No." [Laughs] So, when the wolf decided to blow his house down. But the little pig got away, because as soon as the little pig actually saw the wolf, it ran through the back door and decided to go to his other, the brother's house which is right around the corner, like in South Carolina. Everybody lives in the same neighborhood, the family, you know. So, it went to the next little brother's house, a little bit older actually. And that house wasn't made out of wood. That house was made out of stucco [laugh]. It was a big [laughs], it was a big house, you know, white and everything. It looked real nice, you know. But, since he was in the neighborhood, eventually the wolf made it to that house too. Knock, knock, knock. "Hello?" "Hi," you know, just like a salesman, "Would you like-?" And they say, "No ma'am." And then he said, "You better open that door," [laughs] "Or I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll [laugh] blow your house down." And that little bear, that little bear, it just closed the window, the little, you know, the sachet or whatever, the curtain, and just walked away from the door. It really didn't believe that thing. But it made it so mad, it made him so mad that he said, "OK, fine," he said, "I'm going to tell my big brother." You know this dude had some nerve coming to my house talking about, "I'm gonna huff and puff and blow your house down, if you don't buy my cookies," [laugh] "Please, child please. I don't need food that bad. They need to take them things and-" well, we won't say. But, so, both of the brothers went to the other, the, uh, the big brother's house, and the big brother had a nice house. It was made of brick. A pretty dark red brick. And happened to have a fire going in the fireplace or whatever. So, about 30 minutes later, the wolf got to the, his house, too. Said, "Knock, knock, knock." And the brother came to the door. The brother actually sent his wife to the door because he thought that the wolf might be a little more kind, you know, to the female. And he also thought that, "Maybe he won't blow my house down, 'cause maybe he'll feel sorry for this young lady." But the woman came to the door, "Hello?" And the wolf said, "Hello." And then the wolf asked her if she wanted to buy anything. And not only did he show her those little cookies, but he pulled out some chocolates, some red hearts, and flowers too, roses. But she says, "No, thank you." The wolf didn't know she was married. The wolf just thought, you know, she was a woman all in that big old house all by herself, uh, you know, a girl of the 21st century, but she still didn't open the door. She had her wits about her, you know. And then after the wolf persistently tried to get in by offering all these different things, uh, finally got mad, finally got mad, and just like the truth comes out well, the werewolf came out and said, "You'd better open this door, woman or I'm a huff and I'm a puff and I'm blow your house down." But, the woman just left. She was like, "Huh, he has some nerve." She said, "This house is not going anywhere." And the wolf knew better, he knew he couldn't huff and puff and blow that big old brick house down. So, the wolf decided to go up the chimney or actually, first it had to go up the chimney in order to get down the chimney. And the wolf started down the chimney, climbing down it like a spider would in between two walls. And it was getting warm. The wolf thought it was just nice and cozy in that home, you know, full of air, full of heat, and stuff like that. But the wolf got about four feet from the bottom of the fireplace, and it started getting hot. Not just warm and cozy but hot. And the wolf thought it had died and gone to hell. But what really happened was it landed [break in recording] in the fire of the fireplace. 'Cause it didn't have much strength after climbing up and down that chimney, an after sweating so much on the way down, it didn't have much strength, especially after all those cookies and everything, he was trying to lug them down too. Yeah, so, he was quite tired, even though, even though he was burning and on fire. And then, the little piggies came and they saw in the fireplace, and they were so shocked. They said, "Somebody's killed a dog and dropped it in our fireplace." But little did they know that it was that wolf. But these little piggies were Chinese so, they cut [laughs], they, they [laugh], they cut up [laugh], they cut up the, [laugh], they cut up the dog and ate it. [Laughs] And that was the end of the story [laughs]. Yeah. And I have one more short story to tell. Well, I try not to, uh, um, give the, the children too many Bible stories, but I do like to mention a few. Or just one out of all the other children's stories that they love to read. Um, and this one, is David. Actually, one that just told them last week was Joseph. Yep, the story of Joseph in Potiphar's house. And I didn't know that that story could be reverted or broken down to a child's level and actually to the point where they could receive some type of moral from it, some kind of story, some kind of knowledge, or whatever, a good point. And actually instead of going into specifics of the details of what Potiphar's wife actually did to Joseph, or wanted actually from Joseph, they just kind of said that Potiphar's wife asked Joseph for something bad, and Joseph ran. And every time Joseph ran while he was in jail when Potiphar's wife came to him, but then one day Potiphar's wife came, and in the process of Joseph running, he lost his jacket 'cause she was pulling on it. Yeah.