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Interview with Lee V. Bumgarner

Bumgarner, Lee V.
Barber, Shannon
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places
Lee Bumgarner talks about a Christmas memory.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Shannon Barber interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
SB (Shannon Barber): OK. What's your name?
LB (Lee Bumgarner): Lee Bumgarner.
SB: How long have you lived in Charlotte?
LB: Two years.
SB: Where'd you live before you lived in Charlotte?
LB: Hickory.
SB: How did you live there?
LB: 22 years.
SB: OK. Uh. Go ahead.
LB: The worst Christmas I ever had was when my mom was working for, um, the furniture factory and my dad was working for the county. And Christmas was coming up and everybody was talking about all the good toys they were going to be getting. Well, me and my brother and my sister was really small, but me and my brother knew that we weren't going to get a lot of presents that year, so we asked for the typical GI Joe, uh, GI Joe watches, and all this other stuff, pop guns and all that crap, you know. But, anyway, the bottom line was the days kept winding down to Christmas, and everybody was knowing that they was getting all these brilliant things that we knew we wasn't going to get. We even asked for a keyboard, which was really out of the price range. So the day came up to where was, well, it was like Christmas Eve, and they was talking about going to bed early, so we went to bed early, even though we knew it wasn't going to bring any good presents. Well, of course, the next morning we got up, didn't want to get up, but next morning we got up, went under the Christmas tree, and there was like 30, 40 presents under the tree, well, that was to my surprise. OK, well, anyway, after we started opening our presents to realize that we had like maybe three presents a piece, and my sister had the other big portion of the presents. Baby doll dream houses and all this kind of stuff, and me and Chad, my brother, got maybe two or three of the things that we did not ask for, which was a letdown, pretty much, we knew that that was the case anyway, but then after all the presents were gone, we was about to go back to bed, my dad came in and brought the keyboard which was a good, it was, it was a good present. The only thing was, we were looking for a keyboard that was like the one you see on the videos, the big long keyboards, and, it was like as big as, you know, from your elbow to your hand.
SB: // [Laughs] //
LB: // And, // we was supposed to be like really happy about his keyboard, and well, we know kids have to play along, so we was like, "Yeah, keyboard," and, and we went back up stairs and like, "What the hell did he get? What is this? I can't even, look, it don't even make no sound, really."
SB: // [Laughs] //
LB: // So [laughs], // so, it was, it was another Christmas in the trenches. It was just like, you know, yeah, we figured as much, and my sister was playing with her baby doll dream houses and her Ken and her Barbies and the accessories and all her clothes and everything else, and, we just went back to sleep because the Christmas sucked, and we had to go up the street to tell all our friends what we got, which was basically nothing, and play with their toys. End of story ( ).