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Interview with Kathy Bowser

Bowser, Kathy
Shackleford, Lisa
Relationships with people and places
Kathy Bowser talks about the night her uncle dies and feeling a supernatural presence.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Lisa Shackleford interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
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KB (Kathy Bowser): OK, my name is Kathy Bowser, I'm 39 years old, and this is the story that I remember, it's, when I was a child, I lived across the street from my uncle, and he had his wife, he had, they had four children, uh, he,him, and my bo-, my father were brothers, and they had four children and there were four kids in my family, and their mother died during childbirth, so my father was like a guardian angel, uh, not, uh, a guardian for them, uh, he looked over them, helped them, uh, and with his brother, because there were like two girls and two boys, ages, uh, from ages five through 14. And then when my, my uncle got sick an-, ended up in the hospital, uh, he had problems with his stomach, I don't remember I guess I was about nine years old at the time, and I don't remember exactly what his illness was but, the car came one night late in the night, uh, that he would not live through the night, so they asked the, our father come to the hospital and, we asked, he asked that, uh, me and m-, my other sister, my older sister go over and stay with my uncle's children, and we went over there and stayed overnight, and my uncle did pass during the night, and I remember being over there, they lived in a trailer, and we were there and we were all, like three of us in one bed and two on the floor, uh, on some pallets that we had made, and we were all there, and we were all asleep, but I remember, waking and I remember air coming through the windows like a burst of air, wind coming through the windows and it was like circulating through the room and I was trying to wake, uh, my cousin Joann, I was trying to wake her up to tell her that there was something in the room, I don't remember what it was, and I wasn't fully awake because I could not move. I was just trying to move, try, and then I tried to speak, and I couldn't speak, because it was more like a gutteral sound, but I felt like it was the presence it was doing, uh, about the same time that my uncle passed, and I feel like it was the presence of him, coming in to see his children, before he went where ever, and I could never get, wake up, I could not get up, I could not speak, and then after a while I guess I was making noises, so my cousin like turned over and she touched me, and once she touched me, I woke up, the air was gone, and I just never would forget that, so that's my significant thing that stands out in my life when I was, from my childhood. Thank you.
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KB: Yes, I knew afterwards, I did not find out until about five o'clock that morning when my father came over to pick us up, that my uncle had passed, that he had been dead about two hours and that was about the time that I remember, 'cause once I woke up and was able to get up, I was afraid to go back to sleep after that, so I kind of like stayed awake the whole night, until my father came for us, and, I just feel like that was him.
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KB: I felt like that at the time, that somehow I knew that he, uh, whether or not knew going over there that he was not expected to live through the night, so I don't know it was my subconscious, that said, but I didn't think it was a, b-, a, it, it was a steel night, it was a summer night, there was no storms, nothing, it was just like the windows were blowing and the windows were up because it was hot, it was during the summer season and, I remember the air just coming through th-, the bedroom and just circulating through the room. So I do believe that there is life after death and we do not just go away, and that's my story.