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Interview with Trey Ashcraft

Ashcraft, Trey
Bayman, Jennifer
Date of Interview: 
Relationships with people and places
Trey Ashcraft talks about drinking and driving and getting a speeding ticket.
Charlotte Narrative and Conversation Collection
Collection Description: 
Jennifer Bayman interviews Charlotteans to collect stories for a class project at UNC Charlotte.
JB (Jennifer Bayman): ( )
TA (Trey Ashcraft): OK. Well like, there are some friends that I have, are you [laugh] going to stop laughing so I can tell this?
JB: [Laughter]
TA: All right, some of my high school friends, like I don't see them too much, OK? [Laughs] So every time like I get a chance to go home when I know that we are all going to be at home we always get together and go out and normally get pretty drunk. And, uh, this past Christmas, uh, we did that, like we've done that like, for the past few years, we'll get together on the night before Christmas Eve, OK? So, uh, I met, uh, my friends Brian and Mike at the Applebee's in Monroe because that's like one of the only bars in Monroe. And, uh, also one of our other friends was there too, Tim, and, but anyway, I, we uh, started drinking there and we stayed there for like maybe an hour, an hour and a half or so and um, we had a few beers there and they were closing up but we weren't ready to go home. This was at like eleven o'clock maybe, maybe even earlier than that, they just were closing early because it's Monroe and everything closes early. But, uh. [Laughter]
JB: [Laughs] Great story.
TA: You [laughs] want me to keep going? [Laughs] OK. So uh, we drink, we drink a lot there, maybe, I had maybe like three beers there, and after that there's another bar that's like in the same shopping center that Applebee's is, it's called the Gopher Hole. And, so we went there and had one beer and it really sucked like there were just a bunch of rednecks singing karaoke at this place. And it was really sad, and so we uh, we decided we were going to leave there. My friend Mike he wanted to go home and go to bed early, which is probably what we all should have done, if we were smart, [laughs] but it's not what we did. Instead we went to, like, one of the biggest places in Monroe to hang out now, it's called Casey's, which is really like actually a huge bar where they have bands and stuff, I mean it's really big for it to be in Monroe, it's like way bigger than this place.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // But, // uh, [laughs] why are you laughing // at me? //
JB: // [Laughs] // Way bigger than this place?
TA: It is way bigger than this place. It's long, it's like football field long, it's like perfect for concerts because there's a stage on the far end. But, there wasn't a concert that night. But, we went out, so we drove all the way out there, this was a couple of miles away from there. And there ended up being a shit load of people that we knew there, like people that I went to high school with that I haven't seen in like six years. And it was so weird too, because all these people were like, when I knew them, they were in, like, eighth grade, like when I graduated high school and they were all sitting there drinking with us at this bar.
JB: You were in college when you went?
TA: No, this was this past Christmas.
JB: Oh, OK. // [Laughs] //
TA: // [Laugh] // If you-.
JB: // ( ) //
TA: // -Had listen to my // story.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // I'm not just talking to a tape recorder here. // [Laughter] I'm telling you a story-.
JB: OK, I'm listening.
TA: -Mr. // Interviewee-. //
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // -Or Interviewer. // [Laughter]
JB: Misses.
TA: Misses, whatever. // [Laughs] //
JB: // Don't // talk too much, I have to transcribe all of this. // [Laughs] //
TA: // Well, you // want a 15 minute story.
JB: OK, OK. [Laughs]
TA: What do you-.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // -You want-.//
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // -Me to-. //
JB: // OK, tell me a story ( ) Casey's- //
TA: // -Speak-. //
JB: // [Laughs] No. //
TA: // -This fast? // [Laughs]
JB: // Casey's. //
TA: // OK, // so we were at Casey's, and uh, we ended up staying there for a while and we were talking to all these people that I hadn't seen in so long.
JB: [Laughs]
TA: What's wrong?
JB: Nothing.
TA: [Laughs] God. You want to start over?
JB: No. [Laugh]
TA: OK, so, but we were, we were at Casey's for a while. And uh, just socializing, like I ran into a girl, who, uh, who I was on the swim team with, who was always a weird chick and she was kind of cute and I was talking to her and, and finally like I went to go to the restroom and my friend Brian was in the restroom at the same time. And Brian, you have to know Brian, Brian is the kind of guy who, he says that, he's the kind of guy that every time you see him he's like, "I'm doing a lot better. I'm not on drugs anymore."
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // Yet // every time I hang out with him he's always trying to find drugs. [Laugh]
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // And // so, so when I'm in the bathroom with him he's like, "Hey, man. You want to get some coke?" I was like, this was on the day before Christmas Eve, like a day before I have to spend shit loads of time with my family.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // So, I // was like, "Man, I really don't know if that's a good idea or not." And uh, he was like, "Well, dude I mean I just need, I just need a ride to go get some," because I was the one that was driving. And he was like, "I just need a ride to go get some." And I was like, I was like, "Man, I don't know, Brian. I don't want it to be a long night." And he was like, "Well, man you, I just take me to go get it and you can do whatever you want," and uh, "And, it's not going to be a long ways. I promise." So, finally I agreed to do it, and, uh, so we went and like, and like my, I went and talked to Mike, Mike was the other guy that I was with. And Mike was saying, uh, "Dude, you're in for a long night. I can't believe that you're going to do this." And I was like, "What do you mean? You got // to come." //
JB: // On Christmas Eve? //
TA: No it wasn't Christmas Eve, it was the day before Christmas Eve, it was Christmas Eve.
TA: And uh, and so, I was like, "Not, huh-uh, Mike you got to come with me [laugh], you've got to keep me company. I don't want to do this shit by myself." And uh, so finally I agreed to get Mike to go, which was good, but, uh, so when we were walking out leaving, uh, Brian had two other of our friends that we knew. One guy I kind of knew and the other girl was the girl that I was talking to that was on, that I swam with on the swim team. And uh, so they came with us and got out in the car, and when we finally got out in the car and we were on the way to go get the shit, Brian finally said, I was like, "Where am I going?" and he's like, "You got to go up to Beacon Hills." And Beacon Hills is a neighborhood that is in Mint Hill. Which is like, you know, like five minutes from Charlotte. And we were in // Monroe-. //
JB: // It's far-. //
TA: // -Far-. //
JB: // -From Monroe. //
TA: // -Far from // Monroe. Like, it was like, a 30 minute drive. And I was just so pissed off at that point. I was just, I was mad as hell-.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // -Because // he fucking like cornered me, like, we had already had two people in my car. And, you know, he knew that was what was going to make me do that, he's a really selfish person when he gets his mind set on drugs. And.
JB: I think a lot of [laugh] people // can be. //
TA: // Yeah. //
JB: // ( ). //
TA: // And so, // I, that just pissed me off because I was really drunk at this point, like I had probably drinking like maybe six or seven beers. And I did not need to be driving to Charlotte, especially at two o'clock in the morning-.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // -On the day before Christmas // Eve. And, and, but he already had the people in there, and so I was kind of like forced into doing it, because I, you know, I didn't want to like, turn around and drop them all off. So anyway, we get on, um, we go on up to, to the turn which, Beacon Hills is on Seacrest shortcut which is a road I always take.
JB: Oh, secret // shortcut. //
TA: // Yeah, // secret shortcut, which is a road I always take back and forth. And like, I come up to secret shortcut, and I didn't recognize that it was secret shortcut at first. And so I was like, "Which way do I need to go, right or left?" And Mike was like, Mike is really outspoken, Mike was like, "You go left. You take a left and you take me home." And I was like, "OK," so, I go right and that means-.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // -And uh, // and so we went right and we went up, we were on our way up to Beacon Hills. And like when we were going I was driving, like I was driving pretty fast. It was a 45 mile-per-hour speed limit and I was probably driving, like, maybe 55 miles an hour.
JB: // ( ) //
TA: // And // uh, and uh, I mean it was mainly just because I was really angry, because after having that much beer there was no way that I would be driving that fast. I mean that would just be stupid, but I was just angry, and I was like, I want to get home sometime before like, five o'clock. So, I was driving really fast. And uh, all of the sudden I looked into my rearview rear mirrow and noticed I had two head lights. They were like right behind me. And I was like, I said to my friends, I was like, "Why is this guy riding my ass?" And they all turned around and looked and they were like, "I don't know. It looks like a truck," and I was like, "It's probably not a cop." And uh, and uh, so, I was like, "OK, that's cool." And, so I thought some dude was just riding my ass, so I started driving even faster, and I got up to like 74 miles-per-hour [laugh], and uh, and uh, then I saw the blue and red lights-. [Laughter] In my rearview mirror.
JB: [Laughs]
TA: So I pulled over.
JB: They are blue and white.
TA: They are red.
JB: They are blue and white.
TA: Red.
JB: Cop lights? They're blue and white.
TA: It was red.
JB: Really?
TA: // So. //
JB: // You // live in Monroe.
TA: Whatever.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // Anyway, // it's my fricking story.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // It's my story. // [Laughter] You are getting an 'A' because of me. [Laughs]
JB: I like that.
TA: [Laughs] OK, so, the police officer, AKA Pig [laughs] pulls me over, and uh, [laughs], and, comes like, and so like right when that happens I am like, "Oh my God, I'm going to jail." There was no way. I've had so much to drink. And I didn't eat dinner that night, either so I was like, "I'm going to jail." But I was like, "Does anybody have any mints in the car?" And this dude, the dude Mohammed that was with us, who I didn't know that well, he had mints. He was like, "Yeah, man. Help yourself." So, I take like five mints and put them in my mouth and start chewing them up frantically.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // And uh, while I'm doing this I'm looking for my license and registration. // And uh, like I, I finally get it out. And the cop comes up to my window, and I already have the window rolled down. And I hand him the license and registration and he like really doesn't even look at it. He's like, because he knows that I've been drinking, you know. And so he's like, "Have you had anything to drink tonight?" And I was like, "No, I haven't." He was like, "Can you step out of the car?" So I get out of the car, and uh, and he takes me back to the, uh, his vehicle, and opens the back door, no, actually I think he opened the front door first, yeah, and he pulls out his breathalyzer. And so I blow into the breathalyzer, and he doesn't say anything to me except, except, "Sir, are you sure you hadn't had anything to drink tonight?" // And so. //
JB: // You should // have said like, "Yes one beer."
TA: Yeah, that's what I said. I was like this, I said, "Well, I had like one beer when were at the bar." And, so then I guess just to freak me out or something he opens up the back door of the cop car sits me in it and closes the door like I'm arrested. And uh, so I was like sitting in the back of the police car. I was like, "My God, I'm going to jail. My parents are going to kill me."
JB: On Christmas E-V.
TA: On Christmas E-V. On Christmas Eve squared.
JB: [Laughter]
TA: So, CE2. [Laughter] So, he sits [laughs], sits me-.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // -In the back of the car // and goes and talks to my friends that are in the car. And he is like, I guess, I didn't know what he was asking them at the time, but apparently he was asking them if they had anything to drink and he was asking them if I had been drinking. And, um, and then he comes back to the car and, uh, pulls out another breathalyzer test and makes me take another one. And [laughs], and I was a schmuck. I was a drunk schmuck and so I took the breathalyzer and I was like [softly blowing].
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // And // he was like, "OK boy. If you aren't going to breathe any harder than that I'm taking you to jail right now."
JB: [Laughs]
TA: So I was like [blowing very hard].
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // [Laughs] // And uh, and after that, um, he looks at it and he was like, "Son, you know how lucky you are?" And I was like, "No." And he said, "You almost went to jail tonight." And he was like, "Did you need to go to jail tonight?" And I was like, I don't ever really need to go to jail. I didn't say that, but that's what I was thinking. I was like, "No sir. I don't need to go to jail." And uh, he said, "You blew a .08 on our breathalyzer both times I gave it to you and that is the legal limit. That is exactly the legal limit in this state." And he said, "The only reason that I'm not taking you to jail is because by the time that we get to the courthouse, and we go through all the bullshit, I know that you are going to blow under that on their breathalyzer." So by that time I was like, "Thank God." And he was like, but he ended up giving me a ticket for going like, some ridiculous in a 45. Like 70 in a 45-.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // -Or something // like that.
JB: That's pretty ridiculous.
TA: Yeah, that's pretty ridiculous.
JB: // [Laugh] //
TA: // [Laughs] // And uh-.
JB: ( )
TA: Yeah, and so, and so I had to, uh, and he wouldn't let me drive my car home.
JB: // [Laughs] //
TA: // [Laugh] Right? // And like, he was like, and he was like, "I'm not letting any of them drive, either. You've got to call one of your friends to come and get you and drive your car." So we had to call Mike's ex-girlfriend to come and get us at like, three o'clock in the morning and drive us back home. And I had to wake up, like go to bed that night and I woke up hope, praying that it was a dream-.
JB: [Laughs] But it // wasn't. //
TA: // -But // it wasn't. And so I had to tell my parents on Christmas Eve that I got pulled going 70 // something ( ). //
JB: // Why // did you tell them?
TA: Because they own the car and they have the insurance and everything. And I didn't know that it could be taken care of really easily at the time. But like, so I told them and they actually weren't that mad. And I even told them that I had been drinking a little, and he was like, "Well son, that's, I'm not mad at you but that's really the stupidest thing that you have ever done in your life." And I was like, "I know Dad," all this, and, but it's cool because my uh, my aunt works as a paralegal for an attorney.
JB: Oh, yeah, you // told me. //
TA: // So // I just got her to take care of it, and uh, and her lawyer was really good, like he knows all the people in the court system in Monroe, because it's a small town, you know, they all know each other. [Coughs] And uh, so I didn't have to pay for anything except for the court costs and the fine for the ticket. Actually, I don't even know, no, I didn't have to pay the fine for the ticket, just the court cost I think. I didn't even have to pay the attorney fees and it got like, completely dropped, it just got reduced to driving with improper equipment, which is really cool.